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Chaiselongue-высококачественный диван-откидная спинка-3 позиции-Kamasof-эксклюзивный Vega - ChaiseLongue Izq

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  • Название бренда: Kamasof
  • Тип: Мебель для гостиной
  • Размер: Chaiselongue левый
  • Применение: Шезлонг
  • Общое Пользование: домашная мебель
  • Происхождение: Австралия
описание продукта


Love at first sight. Spectacular Chaiselongue sofa in modern and functional design,Very ergonomic, comfortable, tough and combinable, which adds style to any environment. It is made of Premium materials for maximum comfort and duration. It offers the highest performance and great comfort thanks to its 3 position slide seats and recliner backs.

Dimensions.2,90 cm wide, 1 m high, 1,60 cm Bottom +/-3.

What makes it unique.High-strength square REINFORCED wooden structure. Premium belt in backrests and seats for greater adaptability and durability. Seats with sliding HR foam in 3 positions with FULL system confortfor a soft sitting. Reclining backrests headers in various positions with excellent lumbar reception.Backrests, seats and arms unfundable by zipper.

Quality fabric.Its smooth Fabric with Froca Fabric protective termination, quality assurance, offers maximum strength, plus it is stain resistant and easy to wash. The powder pink color combines with all kinds of light tones.

KAMASOF warranty. All sofas have 2 years warranty. They are 100% sofas manufactured artisanal in our facilities in Spain. They are delivered after a manual review process, making each Chaiselongue sofa a unique product.

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